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L-Tyrosine (500 mg)™ från Thorne 90 tabletter.

Kort information om produkten:

L-Tyrosine (500 mg)™ från Thorne 90 tabletter.

L-Tyrosine (500 mg)™ från Thorne 90 tabletter. L-phenylalanine is an essential amino acid which can be converted to L-tyrosine by a complex biochemical process which takes place in the liver. L-tyrosine can be converted by neurons in the brain and in the adrenal medulla of the adrenal glands to dopamine, norepinephrine (noradrenaline), and epinephrine hormones which are depleted by stress, overwork, and certain drugs. By replenishing norepinephrine in the brain, mental energy levels are enhanced and a feeling of contentment often occurs.

Pris i SEK: 232,00 
Art-no: sa514
Lagerstatus: Slutsåld
Fraktvikt: 210 g
Frakttyp: Skrym. brev
Fraktpris SE 72,50 SEK
Att betala: 304,50 SEK


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L-Tyrosine (500 mg)™ från Thorne 90 tabletter.

Mer information om produkten
 Because of the liver conversion necessary for L-phenylalanine to have these effects, L-tyrosine is often faster acting. In addition, the conversion step from L-tyrosine to norepinephrine may be enhanced if the co-factors (vitamins B6 and C) are included.
Each Capsule Contains:
Tyrosine (as L-Tyrosine)..................................................500 mg.
Other Ingredients:
Hypromellose (derived from cellulose) capsule. May contain one or more of the following hypoallergenic ingredients to fill space - Leucine, Silicon Dioxide.
SA514 / 90 Vegetarian Capsules

This product does not contain wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, soy, egg, dairy products, or artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. This product also does not contain lactose; palmitic acid; or magnesium, calcium or vegetable stearates.

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